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EU Banks See Record Collapse In Loan Demand (#5 below)

But first…

1) The Red Balloon

Why would Jane want to trade her blue balloon for John’s red one?

Because the red balloon costs more to make, and therefore intrinsically worth more?


It’s because Jane likes red better than blue.

Lucky for Jane, John likes blue better than red and agrees to the trade.

What has happened?

  1. Jane and John are happier after the trade.

  2. Jane and John are better off than they were before.

  3. Jane and John have made a profit.

The red balloon is worth more to Jane than the blue one, and the blue balloon is worth more to John than the red one. This is value creation - when both parties in a transaction profit, wealth has been created.

The same principle applies if instead of balloons, Jane had $40,000 to trade for John’s website development service.

This scenario is a bit more extended because a service is delivered over time and therefore requires trust on Jane’s part. But if we assume that John understands what Jane wants and delivers as promised, both parties profit from the engagement.

Does this mean that John’s website development service is worth $40,000 to everyone? Not necessarily. But if it’s worth $40,000 to Jane, that’s all that matters.

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5) Insider Insights

EU Banks See Record Collapse In Loan Demand

In its quarterly survey of 158 big banks, the European Central Bank (ECB) said that demand for loans from businesses over the last three months fell at the fastest pace on record (the time series began in 2003) and banks tightened their credit standard to consumers over the last three months.

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