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Create Your Custom AI Website in Minutes

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"Action is the real measure of intelligence."
Napoleon Hill

What we’re checking out today:

TikTok has unveiled a search ad toggle (#5 below)


Bill Gates sheds light on where AI is heading (#1 below)

But first…

1) Create an AI-Powered Wordpress Website

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Moving slider of infographics

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3) SEO Report

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4) Most Clicked Links

5) Insider Insights

TikTok has unveiled Search Ad Toggle

TikTok is allowing brands to buy ads that appear in app searches. The feature empowers brands to more precisely target people who are exploring specific brands or products. In July, internal tests reportedly revealed that 70% of Search Ad Toggle ad groups experienced a reduced cost per action, attributed to enhanced conversions.

6) Bill Gates on AI Agents

Current software is still limited in its ability to understand and assist with diverse tasks. Bill Gates predicts that AI agents will revolutionize software interaction, offering personalized assistance across various tasks without needing specific apps, marking the biggest shift in computing since the move from command-line to graphical interfaces.

That’s all for now…

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